Letter to Our Listeners


Thank you for your patience over the last few weeks. A lot has happened this month... so much that we're not even sure how to frame this letter. So, we're not going to frame it. Instead, we're just gonna talk to you.

A few weeks ago, one of our most essential cast members left the project without warning. Because The Ghost Radio Project is such an emotional experience that is literally built around the people in it, this left us reeling. After six months of intense character development, table-reading and building chemistry between actors, and recording episodes with this team member, their departure had a huge impact on the well-being of the show as a whole. What's more, their leaving meant that the timeline for this show and its release was obliterated. 

Our reactions to this were highly emotional. The truth is, when we stepped back and looked at the entire project (both logistically and emotionally) and the journey we had taken together so far, we honestly thought it was over. Gene and Dilan actually sent the official "we're done" message to the cast. And together, we grieved.

Of course, as always, the community that has held us up since the beginning continued to send us supportive messages, tweets, and tons of audio drama love... without having any idea what was actually going on with us. On one hand, this made our situation all the more painful... and on the other hand, it gave us hope. You gave us hope. 

One of our biggest issues in this project (aside from money, resources, being total amateurs, having NO experience, etc... lol) ... was time. It's always felt like an uphill battle because we were constantly trying to finish this thing within a certain time frame despite having so many challenges set against us. So we've always viewed time very negatively. 

But here's the thing... ironically, after going through something this devastating, time was exactly what we needed. Our knee-jerk reaction was to give up, to let everybody get on with their lives, and to take the hint that this whole thing was some silly, unobtainable dream. But still, we sat on it. A week went by, then two. The dust settled. And that time allowed us to reorganize our heads and heal our hearts just enough to find some clarity. And the truth became very clear:

We are not done.

So what does this mean? Well. Our timeline is still fucked. At this point, we're flying with no map, no plan, no certainty (in terms of the logistics). But here's what we know. The remaining cast is still 100% in this. We are determined. We are stubborn. And we will never stop... if we have to crawl across the fucking finish line, we will not give up.

So, we decided to say "fuck our timeline." We'll rewrite what we have to rewrite. Re-cast who we have to re-cast. And re-record as necessary. We will keep going, even if we don't know how long it's going to take us to scale this mountain.

What does this mean for all of you? You, who have always been there, being our family, encouraging us to keep going, donating your hard-earned money, listening. You, who have never stopped listening.

We hate that we can't give you a release date anymore. We hate that you've been waiting, excited, for so long, only to have this project pushed back again... because honestly, just the thought of you all getting to hear what we're making is part of what's kept us going. So, it really hurts to know that now, we can't deliver on the promises we had made when we started this.

But if you're with us still, after all this shit... we CAN deliver. We don't know for sure how long it will take, or whether we'll lose more people, or whatever other wild shit life is gonna throw at us. But we know we're determined and we will deliver, one way or another.

So. Here's the plan. (Plan? Is this even a plan? What is plan?!)

  1.  Finish scripting the second half of the show. 100% done, no settling.
  2. Recast as necessary. (This shit is a lot harder than it sounds okay we live in one of the whitest straightest most Republican places in the country please save us)
  3. Record everything. All voices. (Preferably in a short burst of time to maximize creative energy and prevent burnout or other departures)
  4. Post-production hell
  5. ??? (*PANIC*)
  6. PROFIT (just kidding, fuck Capitalism)

So that's it. That's where we're at.

We love you. So much. Thank you for existing, for sticking with us, for being you. We can't wait to show you this thing.

Listen. Survive. Mobilize.


The Ghosts


The Ghost Radio Project is now in production for a full-series relaunch in Summer/Fall 2018, and it’s going to be big.

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A Letter from Gene Jeter: 

Hey, friends. My name is Gene. I use “they/them/their/themself” pronouns. Nice to meet you.

I am a writer. I’ve been a writer since I can remember – snippets and short stories, beginnings of little novels scribbled on the backs of receipts and in the margins of childhood homework assignments. Twelve years ago, I got an idea and never let it go. There was a story I had to tell one day, when I was ready. This podcast is my first step.

In August 2017, I started a free-to-listen, no-ads audio drama called The Ghost Radio Project in my apartment, with no acting experience and no cash. The story drove me, but also my need to share all these characters who represent those of us so often left out of popular media: People of color. Bisexual people. Trans people. Nonbinary people. Religious minorities. Neurodivergent people. I couldn’t seem to find any scripted podcasts with characters that adequately represent people like me and all my friends, so. I made one.

And for some reason, my remarkable friends were one thousand percent ready to take a whack at it. As a kind of experiment, we made four pilot episodes out of passion and duct tape and uploaded them to the Internet.

The feedback we got absolutely floored us.

So, it’s not an experiment anymore. We’re married to it now. With my amazing co-directors (and bffs) Miss Charlie Creed and Mx. Dilan Taylor, I stepped back to assess where we started, how far we’ve come, and most importantly, where we could go with this. And then we realized that the sky’s the limit. We can do this, and we can do this so much better than we did before.

So we’re starting fresh, keeping everything we love, and building the rest with no compromise, no hesitation, and no fear.

Thus far, we’ve done everything out-of-pocket. We are all extremely broke, and we have very little access to the production resources we need for a project of this magnitude. (I wasn’t really kidding when I said above that much of this thing is held together by duct tape.) Our cost estimate for all the gadgets and gear needed to do something like this is pretty scary. So if you would like to help us create a Ghost Radio Project that we can be extremely proud of, even the smallest donation - a few dollars - can be a big help to us.

We promise, right now and forever, that this show will always be 100% free to listen to, and it will never contain obtrusive ads. We’re tired of hearing some sponsorship ad from a sock manufacturer placed right in the middle of all our favorite podcasts. So we refuse to do it. No ads. No subscription fees. As the Ghosts would say (probably), “The revolution will not be monetized.”

Instead, we’re just going to open ourselves up to you and ask if you have a little extra you’d like to give. If you can’t, we get it. Being able to pay your rent comes first, okay? We care about you, and guilt-tripping folks ain’t our style.

This show will also be accessible. We’ll post it everywhere we can - Soundcloud, Youtube, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher… and we will also put the scripts for every episode online the week after they are released. We want everyone to have access to this story, even if listening to it isn’t an option for them.

After all…the first thing – the only thing – that this project will ALWAYS be about…is love.

See you on the other side,

Gene Jeter
Creator of The Ghost Radio Project

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Episode 4: "The Powers that Be"

Episode 4 is live.

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Diego, one of the eight Ghosts, has to leave his post as a medic at one of the massive protest zones outside of San Angelo and return to Ghost Radio. San Angelo is on fire. Inaya is uncertain about her future with the group. Ziggy makes a secretive transmission to someone from their troubled past.