CASTING CALL: All Available Roles


Please read the GUIDELINES before applying.
To prevent spoilers, character names are withheld. We have instead given all listed roles a descriptive title.
If your voice is versatile and can double as two of these roles, please apply for both!



Ghost Radio DJ

29-year-old Black man, locs down to his lower back, tall, charming, brilliant, incredible stage presence, bisexual, just a wonderful human in general.

X-orcist is a legend in the Outlands. Despite society pretty much breaking down, he's been DJing wild desert parties and hijacking radio towers for years. X is one of the two original Ghosts, having presented the idea to his dear friend Bee the Mighty after a night of drinking.

X-orcist's musical style lies somewhere between Dub, Dubstep, Trap, and heavy EDM. He's fairly stoic and quiet when off-air, mega intelligent, zen vibe, loves hot tea and books. X is a Buddhist and Afrofuturist, and he has a tendency to chill people out just by being around. He's also a night owl and prefers to travel alone or just bounces from group to group. He is known to disappear for long periods of time, embarking on his own adventures, radio crawls, and psychedelic spiritual journeys. X-orcist is 100% done with oppression. He uses his Outlands fame and the Ghost Radio platform to amplify the forgotten voices of the crumbling Southwest.

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Diego "La Roca" Quezada Mendez

Ghost Radio DJ

27, straight, cisgender mexicano. 5’8”, sturdy and athletic, and a total softy who pretends otherwise.

TALENTS: Gets along with people easily, loyal as hell, book smarts, athleticism and physical ability, firearm use and maintenance, medical knowledge and field surgery, can drink anybody under the table, super high pain threshold.

Diego is compassionate, focused, and very protective. He has a strong sense of duty, but when he relaxes, there's a goofy boyishness to him that makes him pretty fucking charming. Diego was a combat medic and field surgeon in the Army. During his service, he helped guard checkpoints, patrolled the outlands, and gave out rations. Then, after being given some orders he couldn't bring himself carry out, he was disillusioned by government corruption and deserted his post. He collects books on plants/animals of the southwest, can outrun fucking anybody, is originally from El Paso, misses his mom a lot, can be kind of moody and judgemental, baby face, beer person, good with kids, has a strange talent for seeming way taller than actual height, loves to eat, and is just a good dude.

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Ghost Radio DJ

*Race not specified. Audition!
24, cisgender woman, pansexual, very tiny human with a massive personality, resourceful, oddball, does not put up with bullshit, will be herself and it's your problem if you can't keep up.

TALENTS: Live EDM, comms and radio tech, high charisma, sexual prowess, logical and tenacious, pretty damn good shot, bar fights.

Nova is a drifter and a renegade who often travels with a group of altruistic misfits out of Marfa, Texas. They love one another and hate the Machine. She has struggled with self-harm, but doesn't hide her scars. Vices include junk food, sex, collecting and hoarding things, weed, music, and cigarettes. Multiple tattoos and piercings. She loves clothes and tends to wear strange combinations that shouldn't look good on anyone, but, having very little body modesty, she does what she wants and often prefers to be naked. At her best, Nova is an inspirational revolutionary who will never desert her principles or her people. At her worst, she can be overly nihilistic, cynical, and nonemotional. She's stalwart, radical as fuck, Anarchy™, very independent, and often ends up in charge.

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Farmers, Homesteaders, & other OUTLANDERS

Play one of the many amazing people who manage to survive and thrive in the Outlands. These include all those who are friends to the Ghosts.

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Patrollers, Military, & Governmant Agents

Seeking multiple actors to play those who guard the machine. This includes government agents, soldiers in the U.S. Army, and others who patrol civilian areas and certain parts of the Outlands, sending out various military communications and sometimes having altercations with outlanders. All ages (18+) and identities are needed for these roles!

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We have a beautiful, haunting sequence of voices that will sound like people being interviewed from some old documentary. They recall their experiences with what happened -- the Collapse, the Resettlement, and the aftermath. All ages (18+) and identities are needed, but we encourage folks between age 40 and 70 to apply.

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If you've always wanted to play a "bad guy," this is for you. Pull out your meaner side and terrify our audience as one of the many scumbags in the Outlands who make their living by preying on the innocent.

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